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Our Lawn Tips

Tips from Cassel Care Lawn Services


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Government Approved 2021

  • Ensure your lawn mower blade is sharpened at the start of Spring.
  • Raise your lawn mower blade to 3 inches and never cut below that height.
  • During healthy growth periods such as the early spring cut grass every 5
  • days to avoid excess grass clippings on lawn.
  • Always alternate your mowing patterns and never bag your grass clippings.
  • Your final cut of the season should be the last week of October or early November.


  • Your lawn requires each area to be watered for 2 hours ever 7-10 days to prevent drought stress.
  • Avoid watering your lawn in temperatures above 25 degrees.
  • Watering is recommended in the morning or evening to avoid high heat.


To maintain a healthy lush green lawn all season long please follow the steps provided above along with seeding the weak areas of your lawn every Spring and Fall. These steps will help strengthen your lawn to fight off weeds, crabgrass and turf damaging insects.    

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